Choose the right eye pencil to enhance your look

by | 4 Jan 2024 | Fashion

To enhance your look you will need to choose the right eye pencil: here’s how to do it!

The eye pencil is one of the most widely used and loved make-up products for women. A real ally that absolutely cannot be missing in your beauty

There are many colors and shades , but to achieve an irresistible look, it is important to choose the one that best suits your eye color.

How to choose pencil color

Once you have identified the type (classic, eyeliner, kohl, pencil and kajal) you can choose the shade to match: with the exception of black and white, it should be chosen according to your eye color.

As a rule, you should never use a pencil that is the same color as your eyes or lighter, as it tends to dull the eyes. If you want to highlight your eyes, always choose darker tones.


Black pencil looks good on any eye color, whether light or dark. Especially on brown eyes, it defines the look even more and makes it look sensual and elegant.

Passed over green or blue eyes, it makes them magnetic and big for a wow effect.

This is a really valuable product, because it can widen or narrow the eye: it is also useful for lengthening it and creating shadows to make you change the look of your eye with just one step.

Swiping the black pencil in the lower and upper eye rhyme also allows you to be immediately ready with a trickle of makeup and thicken the free spaces of the upper lashes.


White pencil is mostly used for the inner part of the eye, blended under the eyebrow to brighten the look or as a base for the eye before makeup to brighten the colors.


The electric blue pencil enhances and highlights brown eyes making your look irresistible and deep. A midnight blue, on the other hand, also looks good on blue eyes by enhancing their natural undertones to create sophisticated and classy makeup.


The green pencil is especially good for green eyes, especially if you choose a darker shade, as it enhances their natural color but without weighing them down. An emerald green is perfect on brown eyes for a light, fresh but striking makeup.


The brown pencil looks good with any eye color, although it is especially good for fair-skinned blondes, who can use it as an alternative to the black one. In this way you can achieve less pronounced and gentler features.

Gold or copper

Gold or copper pencil is suitable for brown eyes, preferably dark. Otherwise, this type of pencil color is not recommended on light eyes, as it would be seen almost imperceptibly.


The purple eye pencil is great for those with green and blue eyes, creating a fabulous contrast with its shades. A makeup color really suitable for any occasion: you can use it alone, spreading a thin line on the eyelid, if you go out during the day, or lay it over eyeshadow of a similar shade, if you want to show it off in the evening.