Heeled ankle boots, right ideas to give character to your look

by | 30 Nov 2023 | Fashion

Give character and elegance to your style by matching the outfit with heeled ankle boots. Lots of ideas for adding character to your look.


Heeled ankle boots are footwear that reach to the ankle or slightly above it. Practical, warm, beautiful and comfortable to wear on all occasions, they allow you to create glamorous combinations and feminine looks.

There are so many models with which to make trendy and stylish outfits. For going to work, but also for outings with your better half or friends, ankle boots are confirmed as your feet’s best allies.

Here are what are the coolest heeled ankle boots and how to wear them.

Black Mon Amour

Every woman in her shoe rack must have, beyond trends, a pair of strictly black ankle boots. In fact, they go with everything, although they are particularly suitable for the fall season.

We recommend ankle boots with a medium, square heel that are comfortable and practical. Suede ones are definitely a favorite, but you can also opt for Chelsea boots or rockier offerings, such as bikers.

Paired with jeans, a skirt or an embroidered velvet dress, it matters little: the effect is sure to be glam.

With masculine-cut pants

These types of pants should be worn over high-heeled ankle boots: do not tuck them inside, otherwise the fabric will bunch up on the top of the shoe.

Make sure the ankle boot is also snug enough to fit into the pant leg without creating bulges.

With Skinny or cigarette jeans

Since these pants fit around the ankles, they will slip smoothly into most ankle boots to slender your legs more.

It is not necessary to roll them, but if you want to do so inward until they touch the top edge of the logs. To make your legs look even longer, try wearing black skinny jeans and ankle boots of the same color.

If you are tired of the usual denim, you can choose bright colors: pair them with neutral ankle boots to achieve a classic look.

When wearing cigarette jeans, do the turn-up before putting on the ankle boots so they don’t slip into the footwear.

Instead, roll the hem of the jeans inward 2 times, calculating 5 centimeters: it should be about 1.5 centimeters above the midsection.

To complete the look, wear a shaped jacket, shirt or sweater.

With longuette dresses

For a chic outfit, pair with heeled ankle boots. If you prefer a more casual style, opt for a low style. To adapt a summer dress to autumn, just wear a jacket.

In winter, you could also wear stockings, but match the color to the ankle boots-the legs will look longer.


Heeled ankle boots with a maxi dress

If you want to show your legs slightly, opt for a dress with a slit or hemline that ends just above the ankle boot. If the dress is too loose in the waist area, cinch it up with a wide belt.


Ankle boots with heels for a bon ton effect

In a more formal situation take advantage of the romance of the wide skirt.

Choose low leather ankle boots and a skirt and finish the outfit with a light-colored sweater such as sand, beige or powder to create a harmonious contrast with the dark hue of the shoes and skirt.

The effect that can make all the difference is tocombine a small vintage leather-colored belt and an English-style coat.