How to ensure business continuity for companies with Legrand

by | 3 Dec 2023 | Technology

Business continuity is the foundation of every business, but there are many risk factors that threaten it.


A cyber attack, a power outage, or a natural catastrophic event such as an earthquake are just three examples of events that could cause a data center shutdown and subsequent business interruption for a given period of time.

To avoid major damage-including costs-it is important for companies to have high-level and effective solutions to ensure business continuity of their processes in any situation.

Share Distribution, a value-added distributor of Server and Storage IT components and System Integrator, offers Legrand products (UPS) dedicated to modern data centers to meet this need.

In an era of maximum digitization,” comments Michele Luzzi, President and Sales Director Share Distribution, “ we are therefore proud to be able to support our customers with the best products on the market, helping them face, and win, the challenges of business continuity.

The Legrand Group, a world leader in electrical and digital building infrastructure, offers a wide range of data center UPS solutions that are essential to support increasingly digitized businesses. Legrand solutions offer protection to all facilities and include devices up to 800 KVA of power, aimed at ensuring business continuity under all circumstances and to any company.

Today, business increasingly depends on digital solutions, the performance and accessibility of which are critical to competitiveness. To ensure business continuity, dedicated data processing infrastructure (data centers) must be protected from disturbances from the power grid so as to preserve their stability and resilience.

Blackouts, voltage drops, power surges or frequency variations can lead to loss of data, interruption of operations and damage to equipment.

UPS solutions, by interposing themselves between the device and the power grid, improve power quality and, in the event of an outage, ensure uptime for long enough to restore conventional power.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are a mainstay of data center resilience strategies, in addition to redundancy of power lines and any auxiliary generators.

In addition to a wide range of solutions, divided between online double conversion and line interactive, Legrand is constantly engaged in research and evolution of its products.

One of the results is the intelligent management of battery charging, which promotes battery life and reduces environmental impact by providing an efficient and sustainable service.

Share Distribution constantly strives to position itself as a trusted partner for businesses, providing them with comprehensive service and helping them design tailor-made business continuity solutions.

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