How to find work in Switzerland, here’s a practical guide

by | 1 Mar 2024 | Work

After completing their studies, many individuals find themselves entertaining the idea of a new life in Switzerland, attracted by the promises of high professional opportunities and quality of life that the country offers. But how to find work in Switzerland?

Exploring this possibility raises a number of questions: what are the requirements for working in Switzerland? What documents are needed for migration? Most importantly, how do you find jobs starting from Italy? This article offers comprehensive answers for anyone interested in finding employment in Switzerland.


How to find a job in Switzerland

Exploring job opportunities in Switzerland

Often, Switzerland is seen as an attractive option for those seeking a dynamic, higher-quality lifestyle with stronger career prospects and an enviable welfare system.

However, it is essential to understand that the job search, whether at home or abroad, requires commitment and dedication. Especially for those considering a move abroad, such as to Switzerland, it is helpful to have some reference points to guide them.


Use of specialized agencies

One of the first alternatives to consider for those seeking work in Switzerland from Italy is to contact a specialized agency. This choice makes it possible to benefit from the assistance of experienced professionals in the field, whose job is to connect companies with in-demand professionals and candidates with job opportunities compatible with their skills.

It is possible to find agencies based in both Italy and Switzerland, especially in Canton Ticino, where Italian is widely used.


Exploring online opportunities

Another option, which is very popular, is to look for work independently through online searches. There are a number of dedicated sites and portals that provide up-to-date information on working conditions in Switzerland, including wages, legislative changes, and in-demand occupations. Major portals include:

  • Unia: The website of one of Switzerland’s largest unions offers constant updates on the world of work, including average wages, legislative reforms and most promising sectors.
  • This portal provides detailed information on working conditions in Switzerland, including data on minimum wages and contract types.

Although not essential, consulting these sites can provide valuable information for anyone looking for work in Switzerland, especially when considering a move to a foreign country.


Requirements for working in Switzerland

In addition to the active job search, it is crucial to understand the requirements for working in Switzerland. Language skills play a crucial role: since the country has several official languages, such as Italian, French, German, and Romansh, language requirements vary by canton.

In a job market as competitive as Switzerland’s, knowing one or more foreign languages is a significant advantage for aspiring to prominent professional roles.

Although Canton Ticino may be an option for those who speak only Italian, at least a basic knowledge of another language is likely to be required to facilitate professional integration.