Locarno Film Festival 2024, Switzerland’s leading film event

by | 19 Feb 2024 | Events

Locarno Film Festival 2024, considered the leading Swiss film showcase and one of the most prestigious in Europe, is preparing to welcome a large number of films from around the world.

Divided into four different competitions-the International Competition, the Filmmakers of the Present Competition and the Pardi di Domani (National and International) competitions-viewers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse selection of film works.

The centerpiece of the festival undoubtedly lies in the evenings of screenings held in the picturesque setting of Piazza Grande, transformed for the occasion into the “most beautiful open-air movie theater.”

Here, internationally renowned producers, directors and actors walk the red carpet, lending a touch of cosmopolitan glamour to the event. In addition to Piazza Grande, screenings take place at 12 other venues in the city.

In addition to screenings, the festival offers numerous opportunities for recreation and entertainment, with dedicated forums, social events and a wide range of attractions in the Ascona-Locarno region, which boasts natural beauty including lakes, rivers, botanical parks, valleys and mountains.

Locarno Film Festival 2024
From 07.08.2024 to 17.08.2024
Piazza Grande – Via Franchino Rusca, 16600 Locarno

For more information, programs, tickets or subscriptions, you can visit the event’s official website at www.locarnofestival.ch


The Festival

In 1946, at the height of the cultural fervor of reconstruction, the heart of quality cinema began to beat in Locarno, Switzerland. Thanks to its summer program, designed for the general public and cinephiles, and to frames such as the democratic space of the Piazza Grande-the world’s largest open-air screen at 8,000 seats-the Locarno Film Festival offers a unique stage for discovering the best of national and international productions.

From fiction cinema to documentary, from feature film to short format, from the new frontiers of filmic storytelling to the rediscovery of treasures from the past.

Between the enchanted mirror of the lake and the mountains of Canton Ticino, the paths of new image talents, members of the audiovisual industry, masters of the seventh art and those who want to enjoy, understand or learn about cinema cross.

An expanding community, to which other numerous activities spread throughout the year are also dedicated.